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Insatiable - Meg Cabot I normally finish Meg Cabot books it one to two days. I find them to be light and enjoyable reads that are funny and entertaining. So I'm a little confused about why it took me so long to finish this book because I really enjoyed the characters and liked the idea of the plot.I really liked Meena, the story's protagonist. I love that she can tell how a person is going to die. I love that her dog's name is Jack Bauer. And I especially love that in a book about vampires, Meena doesn't like them. That fact makes her relationship and interactions with Lucien all the more realistic. Despite the fact that Lucien charms her, Meena is wary of him and his motives and nature. This makes the story more relatable and more realistic (because who wouldn't be hesitant around a vampire, even if they are charming and handsome?). I also enjoy the fact that Lucien doesn't sparkle.Overall, I enjoyed the book. While it isn't my favourite Meg Cabot book I am looking forward to reading the sequel. And if I ever get a dog I am naming it Jack Bauer.