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At Last by Shalvis, Jill ( Author ) ON Aug-23-2012, Paperback

At Last - Jill Shalvis OMG THIS BOOK! Of all of the Jill Shalvis books that I've read, At Last is by far my favourite. It deserves more than 5 stars. What I loved the most was the nature of Amy and Matt's relationship. They know each other from around Lucky Harbour and while Amy fights her attraction to Matt, the ex-Chicago cop turned forest ranger, Matt is steadfast and patient in his effort to gain Amy's affection.And speaking of Matt, could he be any hotter?! I loved everything about him; his laid-back personality, steady and calm nature, and how protective he is of Amy. And while many men take the protectiveness too far, Matt knows when to back off with Amy and that only adds to his attractiveness. I also adore Amy. Amy's past is tough and this has led her to keep people at arm's length. But she is hard-working and independent; I love her pluckiness and determination in trying to retrace her grandmother's journey in Lucky Harbour.The chemistry that exists between Matt and Amy is amazing; if I had been Amy I doubt I would have been able to resist Matt as long as she did. Especially when he dishes out the swooniness."Again?" she breathed, melting when he opened his mouth and sucked a little patch of skin."Oh, yeah, again," he said. "And then again.""We won't be able to walk."He nipped her collar bone and headed south toward her breast. "I'm going to be so good to you, you won't care."On a side note, I freaking love Lucille. And how can I not when she can totally embarrass a tough forest ranger.Lucille hitched a thumb at him. "You fell in Ranger Hot Buns's forest?"This had Amy flashing a rare real smile. "What did you just call him?""Ranger Hot Buns," Lucille said. "Are you telling me you haven't seen the side poll on Facebook to rank the town's current hotties?"Christ. Matt slouched down into his seat.So I'm off to pack my bag and hire some movers. I'm relocating to Lucky Harbour to snag my own hottie.
Rescue My Heart - Jill Shalvis I wanted to love this book. I really did. I loved Adam in Animal Attraction and was really excited for his story. And while I still adore Adam, I found that this book just fell flat for me. I liked the storyline and the fact that Holly and Adam had history together, but I just didn't feel the connection between them like I have between caracters in other Jill Shalvis books. Despite this, however, Rescue My Heart was still an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

It Had to Be You (Lucky Harbor, #7)

It Had to Be You (Lucky Harbor, #7) - Jill Shalvis I'm not going to lie, I LOVED this book! Jill Shalvis delivered a great plot and once again gave us truly relatable protagonists.I found Ali to be endeaing from the first page of the book. And how could I not when in the opening scene she's hopping up on a toilet seat to check out her outfit in the mirror (I do the same thing). But what I truly loved about Ali was her fighting spirit and the fact that she never gave up. When others would have simply walked away she was determined to make things work without the help of others. It was her fierce independence and inner strength that made her so relatable and - quite frankly - awesome.And there are no words to describe how much I absolutely LOVE Luke. In fact, he now has a spot in my list of book boyfriends. I swooned numerous times, and how could I not when he lays out lines such as:"Damn," he said, stroking the pad of his finger over her wet lower lip. "Did not see that coming.""Didn't see what coming?""You."And..."But one thing you're not, Ali, is invisible. You're standing right here, strong and beautiful-""No-""Beautiful," he repeated fiercely, stunned to find that he meant it from a very personal standpoint. He stared at her, impacted on a visceral, physical, and mental level by her. "So beautiful," he whispered, and then he kissed her.It has been a long time since a guy in a book has made me swoon like that, and Luke certainly delivered. Seriously. Where are the men like that in real life because I don't know a single guy who would ever say anything like that. Which is why I have book boyfriends. Or I need to move the Lucky Harbour.And Luke's friend Jack is also very swoony and I am looking forward to his story.

Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism Series #2)

Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis I was so excited when I picked up this book. A hot veterinarian, a fiesty office manager, and interaction with cute animals; how could I not enjoy this.Once again, Jill Shalvis worked her magic. This is the first book of hers that I have read that did not take place in Lucky Harbor and I have to admit, I may need a vacation home in Sunshine, Idaho. Especially if all of the male residents are like Dell Connelly. The sexual tension and chemistry between Dell and Jade was amazing and I found that the attraction they had for one another was completely believable. And I won't deny that Dell and Gertie made me swoon; nothing better than a guy who loves his dog!
The Class Ceiling - Kerry Fisher The Class Ceiling was a quick and well written read. The plot was somewhat predictable but the characters were well developed and the social commentary was both satirical and realistic. Overall, I enjoyed the book and look forward to more of Kerry Fisher's work.

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6) - Jill Shalvis I loved this book and I love Jill Shalvis. I found myself relating to both Grace and Josh and who doesn't love a well-written story about a hot single dad! The chemistry between Grace and Josh was very well written and extremely hot and I loved not only how they related to each other, but also with their respective friends and with Josh's son. I am looking forward to reading more in the Lucky Harbor series and meeting more of the swoon-worthy men who live there!
Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis This is the first Jill Shalvis book that I've read and I can't wait to read more! Well-written romance with believable and relatable characters is always difficult to find but Shalvis does a fantastic job of achieving this.And while I loved the romance between Maddie and Jax (by the way, where can I find a Jax? Because I want one.), I also loved many other elements of the story. I grew up in a small town and I certainly found myself sympathizing with Maddie and Jax concerning the gossip-mill that is Lucky Harbour. And I also appreciated the dynamic that existed between the sisters. Family is always a messy affair and I was glad to see that Shalvis did not try to make the turbulent relationship between Maddie, Tara, and Chloe all rainbows and sunshine. I loved Simply Irresistible and can't wait to read more about Lucky Harbour and the hot men who call it home!
Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman - Robert K. Massie I generaly do not read biographies. While I love history and learning, I ofter find biographies to be a retelling of facts and boring. But Catherine the Great has also interested me and after seeing this biography on numerous must read lists I decided to give it a shot.I am so glad I gave this book a shot.Within the first five pages I was hooked. Massie tells Catherine's story in a way that you don't feel like you're reading a biography. His writing has a way of engaging the reader and transforming Catherine from a historical figure into a passionate and driven woman. She comes alive through Massie's writing, and this is true for everyone who is featured in this book, including her parents, her husband, other European rulers, and her numourous lovers. By the end of the book I had identified with Catherine as a woman, something that is not easily achieved in works of non-fiction. I am looking forward to reading more of Massie's work.
Moosed Up - Tiffinie Helmer I downloaded this book as an Amazon freebie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A light and fun read, Moosed Up was just what I needed for an evening read. I appreciated the homour that was present throughout the story and I'm not going to lie, BW was my favourite character. I'm not from Alaska, but living in rural Canada I can certainly relate to certain aspect of Alaskan life; my universty had signs all over campus warning students to be aware of bears and moose and there were frequent sightings of both behind the residences. Tiffinie Helmer's description of the Alaskan wilderness made me want to board a flight for Fairbanks and find my own Alaskan wild man.I found that both of the main characters were enjoyable. Eva was independent and fierce but she also displayed vulnerability after having her heart broken. I can completely understand why she fought her attraction to Lynx as hard as she did, and as the story progressed I can also understand why she stopped fighting her attraction to him. And despite being tall, dark, and handsome, Lynx certainly wasn't perfect; in fact, he messed up many times as he persued Eva. But it was these imperfections, as well as his love for his family and for animals that made him even more attractive. Based on the banter that these two shared it was obvious that when they finally hooked-up it would be hot, and it was.Overall, Moosed Up was a quick and light-hearted read that left me entertained. I would have loved to have seen more character development not only of Eva and Lynx, but also of some of the minor characters; and more of that scene-stealing moose, BW. I enjoyed Tiffinie Helmer's writing and am looking forward to reading more of her work.
No One But You - Jillian Hart A short and quick read that I picked up for free. I would have loved for it to have been longer as I really liked all of the characters but I was really impressed with how it handled the difficult topic of domestic abuse. I will definitely be checking out Jillian Hart's other work!

How to Be a Woman

How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran I wanted to like this book; I really, really, really wanted to like this book. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get into this book. There is something about Caitlin Moran's writing style that just put me off. I'll probably try to read this another time; now that I have an idea about what her writing style is like maybe it will be easier to read.
Insatiable - Meg Cabot I normally finish Meg Cabot books it one to two days. I find them to be light and enjoyable reads that are funny and entertaining. So I'm a little confused about why it took me so long to finish this book because I really enjoyed the characters and liked the idea of the plot.I really liked Meena, the story's protagonist. I love that she can tell how a person is going to die. I love that her dog's name is Jack Bauer. And I especially love that in a book about vampires, Meena doesn't like them. That fact makes her relationship and interactions with Lucien all the more realistic. Despite the fact that Lucien charms her, Meena is wary of him and his motives and nature. This makes the story more relatable and more realistic (because who wouldn't be hesitant around a vampire, even if they are charming and handsome?). I also enjoy the fact that Lucien doesn't sparkle.Overall, I enjoyed the book. While it isn't my favourite Meg Cabot book I am looking forward to reading the sequel. And if I ever get a dog I am naming it Jack Bauer.

Sundays at Tiffany's

Sundays at Tiffany's - James Patterson, Gabrielle Charbonnet Sweet and romantic, this was a great read on a rainy afternoon.
A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness There are no words to describe how much I loved this book. The writing was amazing, the characters had incredible depth, and the attention to detail was astonishing. Matthew is completely swoon-worthy and I cannot wait for the second book when it comes out in July!
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee My all time favourite book. I have read it more times than I can remember and the story of Scout and Boo Radley resonates as much now as it did when the book was published.
The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman I have to say, for the longest time I wasn't even sure that I would finish this book. I found the first half to be incredibly slow and hard to get into - which is why it took so freakin' long to read. But I'm glad I stuck with it. I found Callie to be endearing and as the story progressed I found myself liking her more and more. And I loved that in Fairwick nothing is as it seems. The last few chapters certainly kept me guessing and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. And Ralph is my favourite character.