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Moosed Up - Tiffinie Helmer I downloaded this book as an Amazon freebie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A light and fun read, Moosed Up was just what I needed for an evening read. I appreciated the homour that was present throughout the story and I'm not going to lie, BW was my favourite character. I'm not from Alaska, but living in rural Canada I can certainly relate to certain aspect of Alaskan life; my universty had signs all over campus warning students to be aware of bears and moose and there were frequent sightings of both behind the residences. Tiffinie Helmer's description of the Alaskan wilderness made me want to board a flight for Fairbanks and find my own Alaskan wild man.I found that both of the main characters were enjoyable. Eva was independent and fierce but she also displayed vulnerability after having her heart broken. I can completely understand why she fought her attraction to Lynx as hard as she did, and as the story progressed I can also understand why she stopped fighting her attraction to him. And despite being tall, dark, and handsome, Lynx certainly wasn't perfect; in fact, he messed up many times as he persued Eva. But it was these imperfections, as well as his love for his family and for animals that made him even more attractive. Based on the banter that these two shared it was obvious that when they finally hooked-up it would be hot, and it was.Overall, Moosed Up was a quick and light-hearted read that left me entertained. I would have loved to have seen more character development not only of Eva and Lynx, but also of some of the minor characters; and more of that scene-stealing moose, BW. I enjoyed Tiffinie Helmer's writing and am looking forward to reading more of her work.